The Jing

The Jing is a series of short stories inspired by the book “Spectrum: The Joy, Stress, Love and Goodbyes of Expats in Beijing” by Thomas Longrigg. The Jing will expand on the world inside Spectrum, following the same group of friends as they live their lives as expats in the urban fortress that is Beijing.

As in Spectrum, readers will learn about the roller coaster of emotion that is expat life in countries like China. With each instalment, they will gain a deeper understanding of the characters, perhaps even placing themselves in “teams” to show their love of a particular individual in the story.

In short, the Jing is an excellent alternative to TV soap operas, which while exciting in their own way, lack a certain exotic something that the lives of expats are full of! And the best thing about The Jing? It’s absolutely free on iBooks.

The first instalment is available on iBooks

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