Spectrum: The Joy, Stress, Love and Goodbyes of Expats in Beijing

It’s a collection of short anecdotes, ramblings, rants and funny banter between expat friends in the Jing. I wrote it to give people who’d never experienced China or expat life before. Starting a new life overseas isn’t an easy thing to do, and most people are afraid to do it.

If you do take that massive step and start a new life in a whole new country, then both the local community and the expat community become your new family, especially when you’re as far away as China, in a culture that seems so alien to you. Expats in China find each other in all sorts of different ways, but the thing they all have in common is finally the thing that binds them together in a flash. People you meet on a single night out suddenly become your best friends, because the truth is you just have no idea how long you’re going to get to hang out with them before they move on to a new place, or go home.

Spectrum is also the inspiration for the new book series “The Jing”. It’s available to buy on Amazon

Click here to buy it


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